Wandering Across the West

"Wandering: the act of unplanned, aimless walking/exploring/ambling with a complete openness to the unknown." In July we flew to Wisconsin for a month of hiking, exploration, friendship, camping, and relaxation. Together we shared experiences big and small with friends, extended family, and each other. Stories were added to family lore, we gained a better understanding … Continue reading Wandering Across the West

Simplicity Parenting Course for Parents

Simplicity Parenting Course for Parents “Today, the three major environmental challenges of our time are climate change, the biodiversity collapse, and the disconnect between children and nature.”  —Richard Louv, July 2013 Todays culture of “more” has put families under extreme pressure as they struggle to cope with the issues of excessive consumption, marketing to children, … Continue reading Simplicity Parenting Course for Parents

Children, Commercialism, and Environmental Sustainability

"While not typically seen as an “environmental issue,” those concerned about the environment should be sobered by the increasing commercialization of childhood, as the same generation of children that is being encouraged to prioritize wealth, consumption, and possessions is the same generation that, if current trends continue, will need to drastically reduce its consumption patterns … Continue reading Children, Commercialism, and Environmental Sustainability