The Best Summer Camps

Summer camps are booked (good thing too–last day of school is May 19). They’re signed up for: Entertain Yourself, Play Nice with Your Siblings, Create Your Own Games with the Neighborhood Kids, Bike Riding, Pogo Sticks & Skateboards, Good Art is Fun and Messy, Getting Filthy, and Reading Good Books.

Core skills include solving their own problems, using their imagination, learning to work out their own conflicts, getting along with others, cooperative problem solving, housework & chores, making their own meals, fort building, and getting back up after they fall. 

Still lots of room for other kids–let me know if you want more information!

2 thoughts on “The Best Summer Camps

  1. Love this! Hard part for us will be finding the other kids in our neighborhood for such an awesome summer camp experience. What a great read! Thanks!

    • Thanks Tracy! I hope you’re able to connect with other kids in the neighborhood. It can be hard when there aren’t too many other kids around. I have a friend who started Thursday park days over the summer. Sometimes they’d pick a fun playground, other times they’d go to a cool outdoor spot where all the kids could play in the creek and climb trees. Some Thursdays were dedicated to games like capture the flag and ghost in the graveyard. Kids ran around while the adults drank lemonade and chatted. It was more work than having a group of kids nearby, but at least her kids had one day a week where they could run around and play freely with other kids. Good luck and have a great summer!

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