New Years Journals

Last year on New Years Day we all created a list of things we wanted to do and places we wanted to go in 2012. Bryce wanted to hike Flattop Mountain in Anchorage with his grandmother and visit Bryce Canyon National Park. Elias wanted to have a sleep over with his cousins and visit Wrangel-St. Elias National Park. I had hopes to spend a weekend in an Earthship with good friends as well as take a family road trip to New England.

Inside the Pheonix Earthship--an amazing place!

Inside the Pheonix Earthship–an amazing place!

The lists spent the year attached to our refrigerator. Some of the adventures came to fruition, others did not. I got to spend a glorious long weekend with friends in an Earthship. We spent 2 and a half weeks camping, hiking, and exploring the woods, mountains, and shorelines of New England. The boys never made it to Alaska or Utah last year, however. So this year we decided to expand our yearly ritual of listing where we want to go into a journal activity. Each child got a special journal, and Brian and I will be sharing ours. We spent New Years Eve reflecting on 2012 and each person wrote in their journals about their favorite adventures and experiences for the year, as well as highlights, lowlights, what they learned, and new skills gained.

Our New Years Journals, along with Eli's 2012 List

Our New Years Journals, along with Eli’s 2012 List

On New Years Day we each created a list of where we wanted to go this year. Many of last years hopes have been carried over to 2013 (Bryce really wants to get back to Alaska). There are also some new hopes, dreams, and goals on the list. We’re hoping to get out and do more backpacking this year. I am looking forward to a girls trip backpacking the Chilkoot Trail with old friends. We’re also planning a family road trip to the desert southwest this year–Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Arches National Parks are all on our list.  While we may not make it to every place on our list I’m certain we’ll have many happy adventures. Plus our journals will provide an excellent record of all the wonderful places we’ve been to over the years.

I wish you all many happy adventures in 2013!

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